Sky Trilogy


Most frequent questions and answers
What is A Sky Trilogy?

The first AAAA collection in history. A Sky Trilogy was born to take utility into the stratosphere. It was born to deliver tangible value to its minters and holders like never before. It was born to further mark the distance between an NFT and a simple JPG. It was born to show the real potential of this technology beyond the artistic value. Born to decentralize art. It was born to show how we can leave a legacy that lasts centuries after us. It was born to fulfill the dreams of people who would never have had access to fly in a fighter plane or fly to the edge of space. It was born to achieve all this from a democratic perspective, where the community chooses who is the next to fly and which area of ​​the world to reforest. A collection of 20,000 unique pilots who help stop the invasion of Verggel, their home planet. They are divided into 3 races (one collection for each race). In the minting, +20 flights to the edge of space are delivered, +100 flights in L-39 Albatros combat aircraft distributed among the 3 races. Reforestation is carried out in 6 zones that cover the whole world with 1 million trees planted together with the NGO One Tree Planted. Minters receive 30% of the royalties generated from all secondary market sales. Perpetual monthly payment.

Why is it a trilogy?

The trilogy format allows many more people to join the Skycracy pilot club. Many more holders will have the option to fly in a fighter plane and into the stratosphere. There are a total of 20,000 unique pilots and each of them is a key to access the club and its benefits.
But only a maximum of 2500 complete trilogies can be formed. So it is a trilogy that allows more holders to enter, but completing a trilogy is much more exclusive and limited.
This is the distribution of the 3 Series of the trilogy:


Where can I get an NFT for A Sky Trilogy?

All A Sky Trilogy NFTs will be minted on our page:

In the future you will find them for resale in the main marketplaces!

Where can I see my A Sky Trilogy NFTs?

You will be able to see them in any marketplace of your choice.

You can also have them in your “Control Room” to combine them and take advantage of their full potential to get flights and influence the community.

Minters will be able to sell their pieces on the secondary market, even though their block metadata has not been revealed yet. The content of the metadata is revealed when the last piece of each minting block is minted.

Minting blocks:

I.  100 Free Mint

II. 500 Whitelist

III. 1000 Public Sale

IV. 1000 Public Sale

V. 1500 Public Sale

VI. 1500 Public Sale

VII. 1500 Public Sale

VIII. 1400 Public Sale

VIII. 1400 Public Sale

How much does an A Sky Trilogy NFT cost?

TBA (To Be Announced) The price will be announced in our official channels soon.

What kind of NFTs are A Sky Trilogy?

ERC-721 hosted at IPFS

How many traits do Goyans have?

292 unique attributes. 201 faces, 29 headgear between helmets and caps, 11 different backgrounds including the two that grant EoS and G-Force flights, 10 different glasses, 16 suits, 2 Diamond Hands eyes, 10 numbers for SkyPass, 9 numbers for Trees , SkyPass/Trees lettering, 1 cigarette, 2 shoulder lasers.

How many traits do the Takka have?

TBA. (To Be Announced).

How many traits do the Baemm have?

TBA. (To Be Announced).

What attributes do they have in common?

The most important attribute they have in common is the golden space helmet. When you manage to collect a trilogy of this attribute (a Goyan, a Takka and a Baemm); a flight to the Edge of Space is achieved.

What benefits do I get from minting an A Sky Trilogy NFT?
  1. Access to Skycracy (exclusive club for holders).
  2. Finding out that your minted Pilot has one of the +20 Edge of Space flights.
  3. Finding out that your minted Pilot has one of the +100 G-Force flights.
  4. The A Sky Trilogy community will plant 1 million trees, reforesting affected areas around the world.
  5. All A Sky Trilogy NFTs earn your minter a perpetual monthly income. 30% of royalties from all secondary market sales are sent to the A Sky Trilogy Fund. The minters charge each month the accumulated amount forever.
  6. A Sky Trilogy is created with high quality evocative art. We are also convinced that decentralization is giving opportunity to emerging talent. Each of the 3 Series is created by a different artist. NFT art cannot only be in the hands of established artists, because there is much more talent to be discovered in the world than has been discovered.
I want to help, what can I do?

Join Discord and Twitter of the community and participate in the activities. Earn privileges and benefits while growing the community and giving others the opportunity to experience A Sky Trilogy and Skycracy.

About us?

We are Rubén . and Francesc ., co-founders of Skycracy and A Sky Trilogy.

We are enthusiasts and in love with Web3, aviation, the cosmos, sci-fi and great challenges. A Sky Trilogy is the demonstration of the capacity and potential of Web3 compared to Web2. This project was born conceptually 9 years ago, but the technical limitations of Web2 never allowed this volume of value to be delivered, until today.

Our team works under the conviction that the distinguishing and predominant attribute of NFTs must be UTILITY, in capital letters. And we are not here to explain it, but to put it into practice in an extreme way.

What is our Vision?

Skycracy has been born from an extreme starting point. Our commitment is all or nothing. We could have started with a small collection and perhaps tried some minor utility, but instead we have decided to chart a complex conceptual path, a kind of path that breaks down the argument against NFTs. We believe that when facts speak, words are unnecessary. That is our vision, to drive a community that demands intrinsic value, extreme utility, decentralized art and responsibility.


Surrounding ourselves with the best partners in each area drives the concept towards success, it is not contemplated in another way. And the success of A Sky Trilogy is taking our community where no one has gone before.



What is our Mission and our motivations?

Our roadmap is dense and rich. Our mission is to create a wide and active community to distribute all the value that we have accumulated in A Sky Trilogy. Our great mission is to give the members of our community the opportunity to live extraordinary experiences. Normally unattainable experiences.

What are the benefits and utilities of the A sky trilogy universe? You are ready? Let’s go there!

1. +20 Edge of Space flights aboard a hot air balloon with a pressurized capsule at 4 times the height of a commercial flight. 39,000mt/ 128,000ft.


2. +100 G-Force flights aboard the L-39 Albatros combat aircraft. Experience the most extreme flight with a military pilot. Combat stunts in an unforgettable flight. Our partner MigFlug has been the industry leader for over 18 years.


3. Skycracy Club Membership: Use your AST Pilots to increase your influence force in the periodic votes that take place in The more AST Pilots you accumulate, the more chances of being chosen to fly, the more influence you will have in each vote to choose the next pilot to fly from the community and where the next batch of trees will be planted.


4. 1 Million trees planted on 5 continents. Web3’s ability to deliver value also gives us the ability to leave a legacy that will last centuries after we’re gone, and we’re going to harness that ability in A Sky trilogy. We want to leave a natural legacy and also a legacy in the way of making future collections. The territories where each consignment of trees will be planted will also be voted on by the community. Multiple layers of value in all directions decided by the community.


5. 30% of royalties for minters for life. All sales made in the secondary market are distributed through the smart contract to the A Sky trilogy Fund. Each AST Pilot writes down in the Smart Contract the wallet that minted it, that wallet will receive monthly throughout his life the proportional part of ALL the sales that are generated in the secondary market. Perpetual recurring income.

This is an award aimed at those who helped promote this crazy adventure from the beginning. Trust should always be rewarded.


6. Decentralized art. We all love decentralization and art also has that great opportunity in the NFT world. Our trilogy is made up of three different races of pilots who come together to fight the oppressor. Each of the three series that make up the trilogy is designed and drawn by a different artist. This is a statement of intent for A Sky trilogy. There is more undiscovered talent in the world than has already been discovered. And we want to be a platform for them.


Naturally, a collection of these characteristics and dimensions is not possible without the best partners. We introduce you to authentic creative and valuable engines that have helped turn a great proposal into a wonderful and powerful reality.

MigFlug: World leader as a provider of flights aboard combat aircraft. Founded in 2004 in Zurich. Their high level of specialization, customer satisfaction, safety, and their nearly two-decade history make them the top benchmark in the sector.

One Tree Planted: More than 40,000,000 trees planted since 2014 in 47 countries in North America, Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Pacific. Its activity doubles every year since its foundation. Non-profit organization focused on reforestation. $1 = 1Tree.

NFT SMART DESIGN is a pioneer company in the NFT universe whose mission is to bring the mass public closer to blockchain technologies, in particular with the multiple possibilities of NFTs.

A Sky Trilogy Dictionary:

I. EoS (Edge of Space): Flights to the stratosphere in a hot air balloon in a pressurized capsule.


II. G-Force: Fighter plane flights.


III. Skycracy: Exclusive access club through SkyPass. Web3 technology.


IV. SkyPass: Number of votes that each NFT grants to the holder. He appears in the top left of every Pilot in A Sky Trilogy. They are used to choose the winner of the next flight.


V. Control Room: Personal area of each holder within where they manage the activity of their NFTs and exercise their democratic power within the community.

SAW. AST Pilot: Each NFT piece that makes up the A Sky Trilogy collection.


VI. Squadron: Panel where each holder makes the line-up with their pilots. In the proper order, the holder increases the yield to have more voting power. From the Squadron panel the holder increases his presence and his influence in each democratic period exercised by the community. Those chosen for new EoS and G-Force flights leave from here, in addition to choosing the next area that we will reforest.


VII. Afterburner (AB): Special Wildcard that multiplies x10 the SkyPass that are in the same line of the panel.

How do I get a flight to space?

1. Minting pilots from A Sky Trilogy. When one of your Pilots has the background with the Skycracy Black&Gold logo, it means that you have an Edge of Space flight in your possession.

2. Getting a Trio. A Goyan, a Takka and a Baemm with the golden space helmet. One driver from each Series sharing this attribute. It means that you have in your possession an Edge of Space flight.

3. Participating with your Squadron of pilots in each voting period. The chosen pilot changes the background. When the flight has been used, the background changes to one of the original ones.

We’ll know an A Sky Trilogy NFT has an Edge of Space flight when the background is the black and gold Skycracy logo.

How do I get a fighter jet flight?

We know that an AST Pilot from A Sky Trilogy has a G-Force flight when they have the Skycracy White&Gold logo in the background.

  1. Minting one of the pilots from A Sky Trilogy. When the metadata reveal occurs, if your Pilot has the background with the white and gold Skycracy logo, it means that you have in your possession a G-Force flight.
  1. Making your SkyPass work to achieve this by setting up Squadrons in your Control Room. Using your SkyPass in each voting period to be chosen to fly with the G-Force experience.
What are SkyPasses for?

SkyPasses are the number of votes a holder has. It is the power to influence the decision of who will be the next to fly. We know how many we have because they appear at the top left of all A Sky Trilogy NFTs.


Every vote that takes place in assigns a new pilot. Each holder has a panel called Squadron in their Control Room where they manage their pilots to increase the performance of their SkyPass.

Which NFTs are assigned a fighter jet flight?

AST Pilots containing a G-Force fighter jet flight display the background with the white and gold Skycracy logo.


Which NFTs are assigned a pressurized balloon flight?

Pilots containing an Edge of Space flight display the background with the black and gold Skycracy logo.

What does the Edge of Space flight experience include?

I. 1 Flight for the holder in a pressurized balloon at an altitude of 39km/100,000ft. 8 passengers per capsule + 2 crew. The flight lasts between 6 and 8 hours and is an experience of a lifetime, without comparison. Capsule with windows to see the curvature of the Earth and the deep black of space.


II.Includes food on board.


III. 5-day stay for the holder in a hotel in one of the 7 spaceports. Grand Canyon (USA), Great Barrier Reef (Australia), Serengeti (Kenya), Aurora Borealis (Norway), Amazonia (Brazil), Giza Pyramids (Egypt), Great Wall of China, (Mongolia).


IV. Airline flight and 5 days of hotel for the holder and 1 companion.

What does the fighter plane flight experience include?

I 1 G-Force flight for the holder.

II. Hotel and travel for the holder and a companion.

When will my reward be available?

I. The reward is immediate. In EoS experiences, availability is given by the operator and waiting lists. The reservation is made from a calendar that shows the free dates.


II. In the G-Force experiences they are done in the same way, but the availability is much higher. There are several flights every day.


III. Once the metadata is released. The holder can choose whether to use or sell the flight. A holder can use or sell the flight by keeping their A Sky Trilogy NFT.

Why do they say that all the nft in the collection retain value?

I. All pieces contain use value. From the moment of minting there are combat plane flights distributed in 150 NFT of the three series, 6 Edge of Space balloon flights integrated in their respective NFT, in addition, 18 Edge of Space flights for whoever gets a golden helmet from each series. of pilots, a “Trio”.



II. Of course, any NFT can be chosen by the voting process with one of these experiences through the Skypasses that are included in each NFT of the trilogy.



III. The value of the natural legacy left by each holder with the planting of a million trees. The number of Trees each NFT contains is the number of trees that NFT has planted.



IV. An isolated piece with no apparent rarity can be valuable in completing another holder’s trilogy.

How do I participate in the Skycracy votes?

Each holder has a Control Room created automatically by connecting their wallet to Once inside, set up your “Squadron” and the amount of Skypass and Trees accumulated are converted into voting power with which to move the indicator of each bar. When a pilot in your Squadron has been voted on by the community, the NFT background changes to the Skycracy crest. That is the distinction to know if an NFT contains a flight.



What is skycracy?

Skaycracy is the exclusive club that only A Sky Trilogy holders have access to.

It is a “Control Room” which is accessed by connecting the wallet that contains your SkyPass. Periodically, each holder votes with their accumulated SkyPass number to choose the position of the arrow on the bar. This bar displays in order the NFTs that have been minted so far and each holder votes to move the arrow to the position of one of their NFTs. When the voting period ends, the indicator is locked on one of the NFTs on the bar and is the recipient of the experience.

Your SkyPass number is the number of votes you have to move the arrow from the point it is currently at. SkyPasses can be used to move the arrow to the right (+) or to the left (-). I choose the direction to approximate the location my NFTs occupy on the bar.

From the cockpit you can combine your pilots in the best way and you will know which is the best combination to have the largest number of SkyPasses working in each voting period. Properly placed, they multiply their potential as we explain in the next section.

Combine different Series of pilots to multiply the SkyPass:

All of a holder’s AST Pilots add up their SkyPass to gain influence power, but when combined with pilots from another Series, the value is multiplied.

For example:



Afterburners are a rarity. They do not contain Skypass so they cannot be added, but they multiply by 10 the total result of the Skypasses with which it is combined in the same row.

Where will the trees be planted?

The community will choose in each voting period where the next batch of trees is planted. The areas to choose from are:

  1. North America
  2. Latin America
  3. Africa
  4. Asia
  5. Europa
  6. The Pacific

The voting system works using the sum of the Trees assigned to each AST Pilot.

An exclusive bar is used to choose the planting area. The bar is divided between the 6 zones to choose from and the holder uses their votes to move the arrow to the left (-) or to the right (+).

The area chosen in a voting period will be left out of the two following periods to facilitate reforestation as balanced as possible.

Why can my NFT become more valuable than others after the reveal?
  1. For having assigned an EoS flight since minting.


  1. For having been assigned a G-Force flight since minting.


  1. When it contains an Afterburner and multiplies x10 the SkyPass of your other Pilots and therefore increases your power of decision in the community.


  1. For having a gold space helmet, which is necessary to form the “Trio” of that attribute in the three different Pilot Series. A trio of these characteristics means having an Edge of Space flight.


  1. The Rarity.
Why do all the pieces of A Sky Trilogy retain value and not just the award-winning ones?

Over 99% of pilots have a SkyPass amount in the top left corner of the NFT. That is the voting power that represents that NFT and its owner in each voting period that is held in the Skycracy club.


Owning 2 or more pilots from the same A Sky Trilogy Series is also the key to directly access the whitelist of the next Series in the trilogy.


Even if an NFT has not been awarded at mintage with G-force or EoS flights, they can be loaded at any time. The higher the SkyPass number, the more likely you are to fly.


When the holder has an A Sky Trilogy NFT that accumulates 1 or more flights of any type, they can live the extreme experience of flying in both G-Force and EoS, but they can also sell the flights individually through the secure environment. of Skycracy and keep your NFT as a collector’s item and as a value generator.

Of course, the holder is also free to make the decision to sell his NFT loaded with flights on the secondary market and take advantage of its high value.



How do I sell my flights without giving up my NFT?

In a safe environment will be enabled to avoid scams and protect sellers and buyers.

You can view the A Sky Trilogy roadmap to find out when and all its associated activity will be rolled out to our holders.

What is the price of NFTs?

TBA (to be announced)

What is the date of minting?

TBA (to be announced)

How do I mint a pilot of A Sky Trilogy?

On the website

How many NFTs can I mint?

A maximum of 5 AST Pilots per wallet from each Series of the trilogy.

How does the whitelist work?

The A Sky Trilogy whitelist is an exclusive group that can be accessed in the following ways:


I. Actively participating in community roles on Discord and Twitter helping grow this amazing community.


II. Sweepstakes, Giveaways…

III. VIPs and influencers with an interest in the AST proposal.


IV. A holder with 3 or more Drivers from the same series, automatically accesses the whitelist of the next  series.

How to buy an AST Pilot?
  1. In the minteo, only on the official website of the collection;
  2. In the secondary market, they can be bought and sold in any marketplace.
How is the randomization mechanism?

Randomness is present at all times. To guarantee the same opportunities to all our holders, the number of flights has been distributed proportionally in each mining block according to the number of NFTs. The position of the flights within the blocks is absolutely random.

Can I use these NFTs as an avatar on my social networks?

Yes, they can be showcased as verified NFT profile pictures on Twitter (Twitter Blue functionality). Facebook, Instagram and Reddit also leaked some information related to the NFT – avatar functionality to be presented soon.


Your own Avatar for social life: Goyans, Takkas and Baemms can act as NFT profile pics on social networks. Twitter has recently applied NFT profile picture integration to its platform

What are the official social networks?