Sky Trilogy

G-Force Experience

You probably know the movie Top Gun and you have probably dreamed of feeling the same as a fighter pilot flying in one of those machines. If you have never considered it, it is normal, it is not usual to think that this is possible, but for the A Sky Trilogy community, it is.

Our partner MigFlug is the world leader in this type of flight and they have been the inspiration for many others, including ourselves from A Sky Trilogy. MigFlug has been offering Fighter Jet flights in Europe and the USA for more than 18 years.

This incredible experience is aboard L-39 Albatros class military aircraft.

I. 1 flight for the holder aboard a Fighter Jet together with an experienced aerobatic pilot.

II. Round trip for the holder and a companion to the air base where the G-Force experience takes place. Choose well the witness of your exploit!

III. Hotel accommodation for the holder and his companion.

IV. Video recording on board the Fighter Jet. To make it even more unforgettable!

I. During the minteo phase. Many AST Pilots have included G-Force flights. In this way, the minters access more than 100 G-Force flights.

II. As members of the Skycracy Club, holders use their AST Pilots’ SkyPasses to influence the vote and decide who will be the next member to fly the Fighter Jet. The community eventually decides in a decentralized manner from their Skycracy Control Room.


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One of the challenges that we undoubtedly wanted to integrate into the value proposal of A Sky trilogy is to take advantage of the potential that NFT technology puts within our reach and also create a proposal that leaves a legacy for the planet and the following generations. From Skycracy we think that it should be a standard to include actions that add socially or ecologically.

Each NFT project is an opportunity to bring thousands of philanthropists together and leave a positive mark on the world. Perhaps even, it is a good way to speed up the adoption of NFTs by helping to make the real power of this technology known to a larger public.

One Tree Planted is an NGO born in 2014. Since then it has planted +40 million trees in 47 countries through donations.

The association of One Tree Planted and A Sky Trilogy means the planting of 1 million trees around the world. The holders of A Sky trilogy decide by voting in which of these 6 zones the next shipment is planted.

North America, Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Pacific.

Edge of Space Experience

The Edge of Space (EoS) adventure is undoubtedly one of the most impressive life experiences that a person can live in our days and something truly unthinkable and unattainable until very recently.

A Sky Trilogy offers its minters and holders the possibility of flying into the stratosphere.

Climb to four times the maximum height of a commercial airplane, in a zero pressure cabin and with a view through 360º panoramic windows, observing the blackness of deep space and the curvature of the Earth, while enjoying an excellent meal served by the crew during a flight that lasts between 6-8 hours. It is without a doubt an extraordinary episode written in golden letters for anyone.

High-speed data connection, telescope, luxury dining room and bar service, reclining armchairs, cameras towards Earth and individual viewing screen…


I. 1 EoS flight for the holder in the enabled spaceport that he decides.


II. Round trip for the holder and a companion to the nearest spaceport. Because it’s nice to share that unique moment with whoever you choose.

I. During the minteo phase. Some AST Pilots have an EoS flight included. In this way, 2 EoS can be achieved for each of the three series.

II. The current Goyan Series as well as the future Takka Series and Baemm Series will have a common attribute, a golden space helmet. When a holder gets a trio with that common attribute he will own an EoS flight. In this way, 18 EoS flights can be achieved.

III.As members of the Skycracy Club, holders use their AST Pilots’ SkyPasses to influence the vote and decide which member to fly next. The community eventually decides in a decentralized way from its Skycracy “Control Room”.